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'The OtherWorldlers' is what I believe is known as 'a double-whammy' (did I get the spelling right?), being both a story for children and a satire for adults. Part 1 revolves around The GardenFolk, Part 2 around The WildFolk who dwelt on The Moor before mankind 'civilised' it and The Garden came into being.



Pipes Of Pan Part I


Pipes Of Pan Part II


Pipes Of Pan Part III

'The Pipes of Pan' is a Fantasy book for such as never grow old. It is far too rich in characters, scenes and stories to be described in a few paragraphs. Suffice it to say the Troubles begin when the Great God Pan has a one-night-stand with the moon goddess Diana...

Book I  (OtherWorldlers Again - The Pipes are Heard) begins where Part 1 of 'The OtherWorldlers' left off, but quickly shifts to adult mode when Queen Mab is confronted with a serious racial problem and travels to the Missing Mountains in search of peace and quiet to resolve it. There she hears the Pipes of Pan being played by someone or something that is quite obviously NOT Panwho has indeed not been seen for the last thousand years or so - and decides to investigate.

Book II (BigFolk - The Pipes are Played), by far the longest book, describes The Pipes' adventures in mediaeval (Part 1) and modern (Part 2) times in our own world.

Book III returns (Divine Doings - The Pipes Recovered and Reclaimed)  together with The Pipes and eventually Pan – to The OtherWorlds.

 'The Book of Sods' is not what you think (sorry to disappoint). It's a SciFi tongue-in-the-cheek sightseeing trip through the multiverse. It's somewhat out of date, having been written over 20 years ago, since when not only have some (though not all) of the then futuristic gewgaws become day-to-day appliances, but science has changed our world beyond recognition. For this reason mobile phones play no part (available then, but used by few), and were I to jazz the book up to include them, I'd have to do a lot of rewriting and in some places change the plot – at least for that part of the action on Earth. However, there's no such constriction connected with happenings in the Superverse, cos no one's been there yet and so my guess is just as good as anyone else's. Oh yes ... purple cows also play a leading role . . .

'With Teapot Rampant' :  (Still to come ... waiting in the wings, so to say.)   In wartime Britain, a young girl watches Aunty Nell being chased by a swastika. Life revolves around gas masks and cocoa-issues, GIs and gypsies, buzz-bombs and bluebells, a Green Iron Table and the hated Jerry. She grows up and marries ... a German. Armed with the Brits' most formidable weapons - teapot and toast rack - she sets out to infiltrate the former enemy lines. Defiantly brandishing these powerful ju-jus in the faces of the coffee-cupping natives, she tackles playful poltergeists, humanoid sheep, hysterical hounds, sexist pumas, kinky cars and touchy teenagers with sang-froid and humour; only pausing to cast a sardonic glance at politicians ('Proud Mr. Cabbage, Lord High Chancellor'), computers ('immune alike to acrimony, entreaty or a bop on the nose'), and the EU ('a closed-shop Cosa Nostra Cartel').



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